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Lessons for beginners starting March 2, 2024

A 10-week program of lessons for beginners (as well as those who have played a little before but want to learn more) will be held from 10:00am to 1:00pm on Saturdays starting March 2, 2024 at the Monterey Bridge Center at 201B Calle Del Oaks, Del Rey Oaks CA 93940.
Each session consists of a one-hour lesson followed by two hours of playing to practice what was learned. The fee per session is $10.00.
The instructor is Hetty Eddy and she can be contacted (see below) for more information.

Simplified 2/1 lessons for intermediate level players starting January 17, 2024

Lyde McReynolds will present three lessons on 2/1 ('Two Over One') -- an increasingly popular way to describe game-forcing fits. As Lyde says, "Simplified Two Over One - just enough so that you will really use this every time you play our favorite game." The lessons include detailed instructions, sample hand-playing sessions, handout materials, and refreshments.

The lessons will be on the three Wednesdays January 17, 24, and 31 and last from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. The lessons will take place at the Monterey Bridge Center, 201B Calle Del Oaks, Del Rey Oaks CA 93940. The cost is $15 per lesson. A signup sheet is posted at the Center or you can contact her directly (see below). Attendees are encouraged to play in the regular Wednesday morning game beginning at 10 a.m. that will end before the lesson.

'Intermediate' covers a wide range, from those who have had just a series of classes for beginners to those who have been playing for a while but want to improve their game even further.


The Foundation has several experienced bridge teachers for people of any level of expertise from beginners to those who have played before but wish to improve their game. They each have different styles of teaching and availability, so that anyone should be able to find a suitable instructor at a convenient time.

Hetty Eddy

Hetty Eddy

She received her ACBL teaching certificate in 2014 and teaches both beginners and advanced beginners. She is also a certified club director. She conducts regular sessions at the Monterey Bridge Center which consist of a one-hour lesson followed by two hours of playing to practice what was learned. The lessons are ongoing as players advance, and drop-ins are welcome.

Contact Hetty to find out when the next set of lessons for beginners with no experience will begin. She can be reached at or 831-262-1420.

Lyde McReynolds

Lyde McReynolds

Lyde conducts two weekly games at the Bridge Center on Wednesday and Friday mornings at 10:00am. These games are notable for their friendly atmosphere and if you call her ahead of time, she will arrange a partner for you. More information can be found at the website of the Monterey Bridge Center.

Lyde is an expert player and veteran bridge teacher. She is a Gold Life master and several years ago she was runner up for the Best Bridge Teacher in North America that was awarded to her in Toronto.

In her lessons, she teaches 'homestyle' bridge which consists of a lesson followed by playing the game so that players steadily keep adding to their repertoire of skills. While she can give individual lessons, she recommends that new people organize their own group of family and friends (whether they be beginners or advanced beginners) so that they can learn together and practice what they learned outside of the lessons.

She is flexible in her schedule that includes weekdays and Saturdays, morning and afternoons, depending on her availability. She can be contacted at or 831-626-4796.

Doug Halleen


Doug specializes in teaching brand new or returning players who haven’t played bridge for many years. He prefers teaching classes with groups of 12 or more students to expand the synergy of the learning process and he utilizes the Easybridge! format which includes eight (8) 2-hour weekly lessons and an easy to follow textbook.

Each new lesson begins with a review of the previous lesson and hand-out, along with questions the students may have before moving to the next topic. After discussing the new topic, practice hands are played focusing on the new lesson. Following each lesson, he send out a brief email refresher of the material covered that week. The lessons are held at the Monterey Bridge Center in Del Rey Oaks.

Doug also offers the same format of lessons on a private basis at your home for groups of 4. The cost for the series is $150.00 including the Easybridge! book.

Doug is a Bronze Life Master, Member of the ABTA (American Bridge Teachers Association), graduate of ACBL (American Contract Bridge League) TAP (Teacher Accreditation Program) and certified Easybridge! instructor. He is also a Club Director. He can be contacted at or 831-917-2502.


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