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About Us

Welcome To Easybridge!
The "Foundation" was incorporated to reach and teach bridge players of all ages the joys and benefits of this lifelong game. One of the goals that we chose is focusing on the younger population as there are no known bridge lessons for that age group in our area. Youth bridge is very popular in many parts of the country. As bridge players, we are aware of the pleasures of playing a competitive and enjoyable game; making new friends and sharing laughs over the bridge table. We want to share this with the younger generation. Bridge is fun!
Another goal is to teach or reteach those people who may have played earlier or want to learn but became sidetracked by life. Bridge was set aside or forgotten for years. It is a treat to listen to those who played many years ago state how much the bidding game has changed, and yet the playing remains much the same.
The proven benefits of playing bridge are supported by the American Contract Bridge League, "ACBL". These benefits for the young include improvements in reading, math, social studies, language and science. The benefits to our mature and elderly population include stimulating and complex mental challenges and interactive social activities. These benefits have been recognized factors in reducing the onset of dementia and increasing better cognitive function in their later years.
Our Foundation encourages all ages to join us playing bridge and making new friends or playing with old ones.

More About Us

The Monterey Bridge Educational Foundation, Inc., a 501 (c) (3) tax exempt organization, was established by five original board members. All of the current members are retired with business or teaching backgrounds and experience with board memberships. The single most important factor for each board member is the love for the game of bridge. Collectively, we belong to the Monterey Bridge Center, Unit 530 and are members of the ACBL. Our goal is to focus on the young and seniors to learn bridge by participating in our various bridge education programs such as our after-school program or our 8-lesson Easybridge! series held several times a year at the Monterey Bridge Center. The Foundation (MBEF) also holds several fundraising events each year to raise tax-deductible donations to help raise monies that perpetuate our goals. The Board of Directors cordially invites anyone to volunteer their time to serve in any way that promotes the Foundation and its efforts to expand the learning and playing of bridge. Use our contact form for more information.
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